European Tour Journal Day 11: Salzburg

All the best for 2019 to everyone!

2018-02-18 18.04.26-2

It was almost a year ago back in February that we embarked on this journey through parts of Europe. I’ve been, very sporadically, posting pics and video from each town/city we played in. There are still a few more to go, so bear with me. It’s worth it for some of the pics! This post is particularly photo heavy, so dig in. Actually, I have no video to share from this show or the next one, so enjoy the slideshows from the journey.

The drive to Salzburg was a winter wonderland:


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This old tunnel bridge was cool:

2018-02-18 12.20.482018-02-18 12.21.07-2


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We made a pit stop to touch the snow and this guy approached us, ranting in broken Germanglish about some esoteric shit while drawing this bird and devil dude in the frost on our rear window, perhaps warning us about Austrian Chupacabras?

2018-02-18 13.32.272018-02-18 13.32.27-2

It was cold but pretty:

2018-02-18 13.33.092018-02-18 13.33.132018-02-18 13.33.21-32018-02-18 13.32.46

2018-02-18 13.34.542018-02-18 15.13.142018-02-18 15.58.42

2018-02-18 15.59.16



Salzburg was a bust as far as attendance. The venue we played at had had a huge festival event the prior evening and pretty much everybody in town was burnt out. It was also Sunday. We weren’t too concerned as we expected fluctuations throughout the week. When you perform every night of the week and you are relatively unknown, you know that every night is essentially a crap shoot and to roll with it. That being said, the venue was a really unique space and the promoter/club owner was really nice. We were set up back stage with plenty of beverages cold and hot. It was somewhere around 25 degrees outside, so a hot beverage was quite welcome! Another nice thing was that our room was just around back, behind the venue.

2018-02-18 16.03.38

The Rockhouse was once an old beer cellar carved out of a mountain, bunker style. It still had exposed walls of rock everywhere and the curved ceiling made for an excellent aesthetic and acoustics.

2018-02-18 16.05.542018-02-18 16.46.172018-02-18 14.33.322018-02-18 14.32.37

I encountered a giant squid during my explorations:

2018-02-18 14.35.17-2


Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. We had to explore the city by night. Jonesy, Ziggy and I ditched the pizza party at the venue and went on a jaunt in search of a  good meal and Mozarts abode. Crossing the river gave us a great view of the old buildings along the banks all lit up.

2018-02-18 18.10.212018-02-18 18.12.262018-02-18 18.12.412018-02-18 18.12.08

In search of The Mozart museum.2018-02-18 18.03.172018-02-18 18.05.44

Lovers of keys…and doors.

2018-02-18 18.16.58
Mozart Museum

Jonesy wasn’t hungry and he wandered off to explore the streets further while Ziggy and I continued to search for dinner. We window shopped along the way.

2018-02-18 17.55.122018-02-18 18.29.33

2018-02-18 18.29.41
Instrument shop

We found a great spot and also managed to locate the 2 death rockers that live in Salzburg.2018-02-18 18.30.12

This beef soup dish was amazing:

2018-02-18 18.57.38

We got back in time to catch some of the opening band and we played a tight set to a small crowd. I have no video to share from this show, or the next one in Dresden, so enjoy the pics and there are a few more installments left in this rock and travel series.  Stay tuned!

2018-02-18 20.36.02

All photos by Jeff K. All rights reserved



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