Synths For Lunch (A.K.Klosowski “Kassetteninstrument”)


It’s been awhile since I posted one of these. This appeals to both my archaic media and progressive technology sensibilities. A.K.Klosowski and his “Kassetteninstrument”. A rig outfitted with 8 Sony Walkmans all run through a system of triggers and effects to create a playable ‘instrument’ of sound warpage. It sat in his basement for 16 years until now!

I found a decent review from this blog. You can check out an album made with the Kassetteninstrument below, it’s available via Gagarin Records and you can see the thing for yourself in this video:


Alphastare 2 New EP’s!


I wanted to get a couple things out there before years end, I’ve been steadily recording and experimenting and with 2016 being a pretty shit year both politically and socially, I feel that this is the time for art and music to be more human and meaningful and cathartic. Most of the sounds on these releases are from sounds I recorded out in the city or in transit with additional synth and guitar and bass and various other sound sources added later for depth and texture etc.

One track on ‘Saturated in the Now’ starts with a recording of myself and my wife and a friend almost getting mowed down by a Porche driving erratically in a road rage incident with a taxicab in The Mission SF and there’s also an homage to the Oakland fire victims in “Ghost ship to Heaven”

‘No Fascist USA’ from ‘An Umbrella For A Meteor Shower’ is made up of Berkeley protest sounds as well as various other sounds of senseless destruction from other Anti-Trump protests around the country.

These are both short trips and I hope you enjoy these latest offerings!

Stay tuned for my collaboration with Belial Pelegrim due out this Friday 12_23_16

Here’s a teaser track from that:


Turn Me On Dead Man ‘Heavymetal Mothership’


OK back to the Rock! I’m sharing this brand new release by TMODM not only because it’s a solid Psychedelic Heavy Rock trip but because they have recently tapped me to handle bass duties on upcoming support for this release. My main band Andalusia Rose is still together and slowly working on new recordings but we will be less active as our singer/guitarist/songsmithstress Wendy has since moved to the desert to explore canyon life.

As the title indicates, TMODM have metallic leanings but there is much to be had within the sounds here. Influences range from Beatles (the more deranged aspect circa White Album etc.) and Classic Rock to Prog and even some of the heavier 90’s UK stuff, there are things that would appeal to fans of bands like Porcupine Tree, MBV as well as edgier stuff like Voivod, Monster Magnet and High on Fire. Stoned but not ‘Stoner’, razor sharp riffs and smooth grooves combined to create a solid trip…and there’s a Moog! I’m looking forward to being involved with this group and after being split up for awhile they have returned with a solid release in ‘Heavymetal Mothership’. Available now digitally via the platforms listed below or here via bandcamp. Vinyl is slated for early 2017!!!

Tune in Turn it up and drop out!



World of Wonder Podcast (Dec 2016 Pt.1)

Here’s the latest WOW Podcast by my friend Matt Davignon who is a Bay Area experimental musician. This is the 3rd time I’ve been included in one of his mixes and they are all full of great artists from the underground sound realm. Check it out here:



The track included is from my 2015 Bandcamp release ‘Winter Works’

Stay tuned for a new release from myself and Belial Pelegrim due out by the end of December! If you missed it, peep the video of one of the tracks.