Every so often I find one of these guys in my yard, I have taken to photographing them. I have a few staged photo’s on my tumblr, I’ll leave links to those beneath the photo. I’ve also done close ups with a macro ollo clip lens, one image I even turned into a t-shirt. These little guys are important and I get sad when I find them dead or dying. We also have a rosemary bush that used to be full of honeybees, but they too have dwindled in numbers.

I keep a few of these in jars, here are 2 bumblebees photographed in a honey jar lid.2bees2tumblr bee links:

‘Just Bee’

‘Bee Revisited’

‘Bee in the Sun’

Assorted Street Art

Just wanted to share some shots from the last 6 months or so, some stuff is very timely and tells a story about the state of things in this part of the country.

There are a few loose photo’s followed by a slide show!



The photo below, from it’s perspective, just made me think of a local soul that’s been at rest for a long time, disturbed by the lot being dug up for development. He’s making an Olympic leap over the fence!


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I took a couple of approaches to this one, the first photo is from our nieces 5th birthday party where one of the fun activities for the kids was to fill glass bottles with different colors of sand to make these neat little decorative pieces. I grabbed this one as it was so close in color scheme to the tablecloth beneath it, it worked out nicely that way!

I also like that glass is made of sand and that this container contains the same stuff that it’s made from, so this is a more literal approach.Glass

These next shots utilise glass as an effect upon other subjects.Glass2Glass1

A reflection of a party in action.Heathers Partay 041

In this shot glass is the subject as well as an effect as it casts the clouds in the sky behind in different colors. 

The sky photographed with my iphone through my sunglasses.Skyglasses