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European Tour Journal Day 11: Salzburg

All the best for 2019 to everyone!

2018-02-18 18.04.26-2

It was almost a year ago back in February that we embarked on this journey through parts of Europe. I’ve been, very sporadically, posting pics and video from each town/city we played in. There are still a few more to go, so bear with me. It’s worth it for some of the pics! This post is particularly photo heavy, so dig in. Actually, I have no video to share from this show or the next one, so enjoy the slideshows from the journey.

The drive to Salzburg was a winter wonderland:


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This old tunnel bridge was cool:

2018-02-18 12.20.482018-02-18 12.21.07-2


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We made a pit stop to touch the snow and this guy approached us, ranting in broken Germanglish about some esoteric shit while drawing this bird and devil dude in the frost on our rear window, perhaps warning us about Austrian Chupacabras?

2018-02-18 13.32.272018-02-18 13.32.27-2

It was cold but pretty:

2018-02-18 13.33.092018-02-18 13.33.132018-02-18 13.33.21-32018-02-18 13.32.46

2018-02-18 13.34.542018-02-18 15.13.142018-02-18 15.58.42

2018-02-18 15.59.16



Salzburg was a bust as far as attendance. The venue we played at had had a huge festival event the prior evening and pretty much everybody in town was burnt out. It was also Sunday. We weren’t too concerned as we expected fluctuations throughout the week. When you perform every night of the week and you are relatively unknown, you know that every night is essentially a crap shoot and to roll with it. That being said, the venue was a really unique space and the promoter/club owner was really nice. We were set up back stage with plenty of beverages cold and hot. It was somewhere around 25 degrees outside, so a hot beverage was quite welcome! Another nice thing was that our room was just around back, behind the venue.

2018-02-18 16.03.38

The Rockhouse was once an old beer cellar carved out of a mountain, bunker style. It still had exposed walls of rock everywhere and the curved ceiling made for an excellent aesthetic and acoustics.

2018-02-18 16.05.542018-02-18 16.46.172018-02-18 14.33.322018-02-18 14.32.37

I encountered a giant squid during my explorations:

2018-02-18 14.35.17-2


Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. We had to explore the city by night. Jonesy, Ziggy and I ditched the pizza party at the venue and went on a jaunt in search of a  good meal and Mozarts abode. Crossing the river gave us a great view of the old buildings along the banks all lit up.

2018-02-18 18.10.212018-02-18 18.12.262018-02-18 18.12.412018-02-18 18.12.08

In search of The Mozart museum.2018-02-18 18.03.172018-02-18 18.05.44

Lovers of keys…and doors.

2018-02-18 18.16.58
Mozart Museum

Jonesy wasn’t hungry and he wandered off to explore the streets further while Ziggy and I continued to search for dinner. We window shopped along the way.

2018-02-18 17.55.122018-02-18 18.29.33

2018-02-18 18.29.41
Instrument shop

We found a great spot and also managed to locate the 2 death rockers that live in Salzburg.2018-02-18 18.30.12

This beef soup dish was amazing:

2018-02-18 18.57.38

We got back in time to catch some of the opening band and we played a tight set to a small crowd. I have no video to share from this show, or the next one in Dresden, so enjoy the pics and there are a few more installments left in this rock and travel series.  Stay tuned!

2018-02-18 20.36.02

All photos by Jeff K. All rights reserved



European Tour Journal Day 10: Winterthur, Switzerland

We crossed back into Switzerland without a hitch, since we knew the drill by now. We stopped and declared our merch and did the tally and left the deposit and were on our way to Winterthur. I didn’t get many pics since it was wet out and the windows were filthy by now, but the drive was another beautiful one.

2018-02-17 15.36.10

2018-02-17 15.41.27


2018-02-17 19.14.23
Big Room
2018-02-17 17.08.24
Bigger Room

The venue was a sizeable space with a rather large room that we would play in, and an even larger room for name acts. We arrived to a prosciutto spread and a bustling kitchen where a small staff were preparing home cooked meals for the bands and club workers. The communal aspect really made for a welcoming environment and everyone was really friendly.

2018-02-17 17.05.46

Again this was one of the shows we played that were govt. subsidized, which removes a lot of tension and headaches which can make for an un-enjoyable show for everyone involved. I really grew to love this model for that very reason.

One thing I also loved was the compact yet powerful industrial turbine heaters they used to heat the giant space, I had to record it for future sampling. I was maybe ten feet away and I could barely stand it long enough to record for 10 seconds:

I knew we were hooking up with Motorizer again, we played with them in Bludenz as well, but I kept asking who “Turoffnung” were until I finally got a local to inform me that “Turoffnung” means doors opening…Hahahaha! I thought ‘what a clever name for a band’

2018-02-17 17.20.26


2018-02-17 23.41.38-1

We had another good crowd and the sound was excellent, it was also nice to have a bit of a bigger stage to move around on. Enjoy these pics from Phillip Reinhard, some of the best we got this whole tour:


An excerpt, Nick Doom shreds:

Our encore, including a nice moment when the crowd serenaded us with that Scott McKenzie song:

It was such a fun atmosphere that after the show, many if not all of the staff stayed until the wee hours playing drinking games that involved bottle-caps, and talking and listening to music, and of course smoking a boat load of cigarettes, which again, occurred right next to the room we were to sleep in.

One refreshing thing I have to acknowledge is that I barely saw any kind of cell phone or smart phone the entire night. Everyone was content to enjoy each others company and the music and the simple games that got them through another cold winter night in the Swiss Alps.

2018-02-17 21.58.28

Either way, we rocked that place and had a nice time hanging out with the promoter and staff afterwards. It was such a different experience than we’re used to in the U.S. The Switzerland shows will surely stay with me.

2018-02-17 20.15.49-1
Christopher Lyman Drummer and a “G”

Next stop Salzburg, Austria.

All pics by Jeff K. other that the live band series by Phillip Reinhard

All video shot by Jeff K.

European Tour Journal Day 9: Bludenz, Austria

Continued coverage of Turn Me On Dead Man’s European tour from Feb 2018.

2018-02-16 16.16.00-1

We continued our journey through Switzerland but actually had to leave for a bit to cross over into Austria for a show at Villa K. a  youth center in Bludenz.

2018-02-16 16.14.46

2018-02-16 16.02.51

We had to hang out at the border for a bit to handle our business with customs, who retained a deposit from us against any merch we sold, so we paid them whatever taxes owed and continued on to Austria!

2018-02-16 15.55.172018-02-16 15.53.232018-02-16 15.51.052018-02-16 15.48.032018-02-16 15.44.17

2018-02-16 15.53.45
Random Smurf Sighting

2018-02-16 16.02.51

2018-02-16 15.54.42-2
Border lurkin’


Driving through the Swiss Alps was breathtaking and these pics do no justice.

2018-02-16 16.22.142018-02-16 16.22.152018-02-16 16.22.172018-02-16 16.29.242018-02-16 16.29.57-12018-02-16 16.28.402018-02-16 22.23.54

Villa K.

2018-02-16 16.39.57

The surrounding area was a quaint little ski village surrounded by enormous mountains

2018-02-16 16.39.292018-02-16 16.31.452018-02-16 16.31.202018-02-16 16.47.03

2018-02-16 16.47.23
Our View

The Show

A few shots from our set. I took the first one, I forget who took the rest. We had a good turn out and a responsive crowd.

2018-02-16 18.32.062018-02-16 19.13.532018-02-16 19.16.282018-02-16 19.16.402018-02-16 19.16.512018-02-16 19.17.482018-02-16 19.15.02

here’s our encore from that night:

Stay tuned for our next stop back in Switzerland at Gaswerk!

European Tour Journal Day 8: Olten, Switzerland


2018-02-16 11.22.24The Coq D’or Kulturcafe in Olten Switzerland was a hip and pretty progressive venue. There was a bar/restauraunt on one level, some smoking areas, plenty of art, and a cavern downstairs where we played.2018-02-15 18.18.09-22018-02-16 11.03.052018-02-15 18.05.32I had maybe my 5th bowl of risotto on this tour and some excellent noodles for dinner. The food just seemed to get better and better as the tour went along!

2018-02-15 20.26.03


Despite the rather bare bones, small box of a room, this venue came equipped with one of the most competent and brilliant sound guys we’ve ever worked with. I can’t remember his name, but after the show, one of the restaurant staff told me about how he mixed something like a 16 piece Cumbia band on that little stage and it sounded perfect! We were treated just as well and the stage sound was top notch.

2018-02-15 22.56.58

Another treat this evening was sharing the stage with Muerte Espiral. They were a young band with an excellent bassist in Mia Moustache who really kills. She has been on tour recently with Zeal and Ardor who she has played with for awhile now.

Here’s a short clip:

Our set was a good one. We were really hitting a stride after dealing with a few equipment issues and tightening up the set in a few crucial parts, to make it flow better.


2018-02-15 20.26.10

After the show, since we were staying at the venue, we had some time to relax and take in the atmosphere. The upstairs restaurant area was a nice place to hang out and conversate and take in the youthful Olten nightlife. We met some artists and other musicians, and everyone was really open and friendly.

2018-02-16 02.57.56

There were people hanging out post show, dancing to cheesy 80’s music and it actually wasn’t annoying.

2018-02-16 00.08.31

2018-02-16 01.39.22-1

2018-02-16 11.00.43


2018-02-16 11.24.12

The only thing that we non-smokers (the whole band doesn’t smoke) had to contend with was that our sleeping quarters for the evening, a room with bunks in it, was located just at the other end of the fumoir which we had to pass through to access! We also came to the conclusion that the Swiss are waging a war against oxygen because everybody smokes! At one point during the evening, while the entire band were in bed, coughing incessantly, through some broken English someone asked us if we wanted the air on…YES!!! We all yelled simultaneously, gasping for air. Once the air came on though, it seemed to be pulling the smoke from the rest of the building into our room! TURN OFF THE AIR!!! We all yelled, while laugh-coughing at the absurdity of it all.

2018-02-16 11.23.56


2018-02-16 11.23.02
Art for breakfast

We had a nice spread of cheese and bread and these lovely hard boiled eggs for breakfast, then I took a few pics of the outside art area in the daylight.

2018-02-16 11.33.39

2018-02-16 10.58.392018-02-16 12.09.222018-02-16 12.10.502018-02-16 12.09.082018-02-16 10.58.272018-02-16 11.08.25

2018-02-16 12.10.27

I had to get in a few staged shots:

2018-02-16 12.41.382018-02-16 12.42.05

2018-02-16 12.12.10-1

We hated to leave this lovely venue and the most welcoming people. Apparently, the owner of this place was a big, long time fan of the band, and the hospitality really showed. We also have to shout out to Mathias Schibo for taking care of us while we were there.

2018-02-16 12.54.54-2
The band with Mathias (center)


2018-02-16 12.51.30
Hangin’ with Mathias

I really hope to visit this place again!