Jeff at Great American Music Hall
Pic by Robin W.




Musician/Artist/ Silk screener. Grew up in Buffalo, moved to LA in ’96’ and played with seminal punk band The Flesh Eaters (recorded as well as co-wrote some of the album ‘Ashes of Time’ (2000). Also worked with my band The Alphastares which disbanded when I moved to SF in 2004. I also played bass and baritone guitar with Andalusia Rose. I currently perform bass with Turn Me On Dead Man  as well as my solo experimental endeavors as “Alphastare’.

For further exploration, in the left sidebar, are some ‘photolinks’ that take you straight to my ‘Cassette Collage’ series, a series of 30 minute (roughly) long pieces of ambient and noise improvisations I uploaded to Mixcloud. Just click on any of the photos and you’re there!





14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey there, friend. I just nominated you for a Liebster award. No obligation to accept, but if you do, I’ll send you the rules of engagement 🙂 Also, I linked to your site in my recent post about the award.


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