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Turn Me On Dead Man ‘Heavymetal Mothership’


OK back to the Rock! I’m sharing this brand new release by TMODM not only because it’s a solid Psychedelic Heavy Rock trip but because they have recently tapped me to handle bass duties on upcoming support for this release. My main band Andalusia Rose is still together and slowly working on new recordings but we will be less active as our singer/guitarist/songsmithstress Wendy has since moved to the desert to explore canyon life.

As the title indicates, TMODM have metallic leanings but there is much to be had within the sounds here. Influences range from Beatles (the more deranged aspect circa White Album etc.) and Classic Rock to Prog and even some of the heavier 90’s UK stuff, there are things that would appeal to fans of bands like Porcupine Tree, MBV as well as edgier stuff like Voivod, Monster Magnet and High on Fire. Stoned but not ‘Stoner’, razor sharp riffs and smooth grooves combined to create a solid trip…and there’s a Moog! I’m looking forward to being involved with this group and after being split up for awhile they have returned with a solid release in ‘Heavymetal Mothership’. Available now digitally via the platforms listed below or here via bandcamp. Vinyl is slated for early 2017!!!

Tune in Turn it up and drop out!



August 16th 2016 Updates

Zephyr Day 2 iphone 2 253
On the rails somewhere in the Midwest 2015 

I haven’t posted over here in a few weeks but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been actively blogging. I’ll also be out of town for a week or so as we’re gonna take the train down the coast to Camarillo Ca. to visit fam. About a year ago we took the train across the country  from Cali. to New York via Chicago and we loved it so much we had to scratch the itch albeit with a shorter trip this time.


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Meanwhile I’ve been ripping it up with my band and we recently appeared on Radio Valencia. We are also working on new material and we offer a sneak peek of one of the songs during that visit.



I’ve also been posting pretty regularly on my photoblog alphastarephotography so do follow that if you haven’t already.

Last year I posted quite a few photos from the train via my Instagram so if you are into that, you can follow our adventure there!

See you when I return!

We’re going back into the studio today! Andalusia Rose Updates (June 13, 2016) re-blog.

Since releasing ‘First Stone’ last year we’ve been working up quite a bit of material and have enough to begin putting together a proper full length! Our approach will be different this time as we will likely not use a crowdfunding platform to back this recording, though we may consider it for the pressing if […]

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Andalusia Rose (New Blog!)

MR 3

I’m proud to introduce a new blog that focuses on the happenings of my band Andalusia Rose. We have many exciting things on the horizon, so follow us to keep in the loop and to catch a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of a developing Bay Area band! Please follow and support a band waging war on mediocrity!