Alphastare: “Optonoises”


I recently released a project I’d been working on sporadically over the past year utilising audio sent to me by Stan lewry aka “Optonoise” who uses lasers to create sounds. See my interview with Stan  to get more of a sense of his work. Check out the video below from his presentation at The Tate Modern awhile back, to see and hear some of the sounds in their raw state.

Enjoy the release!


Touch the Gear 2018


For the second year in a row I was invited to show a few pieces of gear at the Outsound New Music Summit event ‘Touch the Gear” where a space is open free to the public, who have the unique opportunity to play with uncommon instruments and ask questions etc. Represented is a cross section of electronic, as well as acoustic instruments, some manufactured by small companies such as the Eurorack modular gear and tabletop synths. There were also one of a kind DIY custom instruments (the tabletop resonating deconstructed banjo was a highlight) and devices utilising open source programming to design custom interfaces and/or sound sources as well as processing.

This event has a great community vibe and it’s always fun to see young kids get excited about these strange inventions. Look up the artists for more info, some have been deeply involved in the underground avante garde music scene for a long time.

Artists included this year:

• L.J. Altvater – tape-loop/effects-pedals
• Hugh Behm-Steinberg – CD turntable and effects
• Amanda Chaudhary – analog modular synthesizer, theremin
• Andrew of Chopstick – Pro One, modular and homemade synthesizers
• Tom Djll – small electronic devices including mixers, filters, effects, pickups, etc.
• R Duck – synthesizer
• Tom Duff – surprises
• Tammy Duplantis – game boys
• Bart Hopkin – invented instruments
• Jeff Klukowski (Alphastare)- modular synthesizers etc.
• David Leikam – Moog Rogue analog synthesizer
• Dania Luck – laptop with midi-controller running super-collider
• Collette McCaslin – percussion, small instruments
• Andy Puls – homemade synthesizer
• Jess Rowland – cell phones and controller
• Gabby Wen – electronics
• Peter Whitehead – invented instruments

Enjoy these 2 brief videos, which, together give a good sense of the diverse items on hand as well as the creativity and innovation of these artists. The first video was created by Amanda Chaudhary of Catsynth : who did some short interviews:

The second video was compiled from a few clips I took. Some walkthrough footage and a couple of brief demos by a few of this years participants:

Enjoy the wonderful sounds.

European Tour Journal Day 7 Stuttgart

Continued coverage of our tour back in Feb. 2018


We were a bit sad to be leaving Italy and all of the wonderful food, sights and people, but we were also excited for our first German show at Goldmark in Stuttgart. It was one of the longer stretches and after a bit of a wait to load out of the previous night’s venue, we barely got to Stuttgart in time! We also had trouble finding the venue since nobody mentioned it was below street level, down an off ramp. We just kept chasing the destination dot on GPS, circling around and around until we finally saw some people who pointed out the entrance.

2018-02-15 00.51.10

My devices were full and we had to load in and set up immediately, so I got no footage from this show. Despite the rushed entry and the resulting grumpy promoter…we hit the stage right on time and slayed that crowd. The sound was excellent and people were into it.

2018-02-15 01.12.46.png
Fan Foto

Some shots from the drive

2018-02-14 11.11.28
Leaving Torino



2018-02-14 11.11.532018-02-14 13.59.092018-02-14 14.01.292018-02-14 14.06.102018-02-14 14.53.122018-02-14 14.53.312018-02-14 14.55.042018-02-14 14.55.562018-02-14 14.56.422018-02-14 14.56.442018-02-14 14.56.462018-02-14 15.02.012018-02-14 15.11.07

Next stop Olten Switzerland!