Friday The 13th release from Alphastare “Smoked Up All The Gods”


Smoked Up All The Gods LP

On Friday the 13th this past week I released a new batch of sounds. It ended up being a very heavy day coincidentally so I decided to wait a few days to post this. The sounds on here represent a few different approaches from sound samples to field recordings, city sounds, to both digital and analog synths as well as some beat edits. There are elements of chaos and discord as well as melody and rhythm which I feel reflect the current times.

This album is also available on Baboom!


Andalusia Rose New Song Live Debut


Not much happened in the world of Andalusia Rose since our record release show in July other than some behind the scenes plotting and planning. We also just got back from a  three day jaunt up North. We played Eugene, Portland and Seattle.

We’ve been setting up some more out of town shows for the Southwest. We’ll be at The Redwood in LA Nov 18th and then we move on to Joshua Tree and a couple of shows in AZ. Stay tuned for details.

For now enjoy this debut of our new song “Queen of the Dying Flame”. This was at our show at Dante’s in Portland where we shared a bill with Hells Belles.

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We still have merch available on Andalusia Rose Bandcamp, you can find the vinyl version of our EP First Stone there!

andalusia cover