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Synths For Lunch (A.K.Klosowski “Kassetteninstrument”)


It’s been awhile since I posted one of these. This appeals to both my archaic media and progressive technology sensibilities. A.K.Klosowski and his “Kassetteninstrument”. A rig outfitted with 8 Sony Walkmans all run through a system of triggers and effects to create a playable ‘instrument’ of sound warpage. It sat in his basement for 16 years until now!

I found a decent review from this blog. You can check out an album made with the Kassetteninstrument below, it’s available via Gagarin Records and you can see the thing for yourself in this video:


Synths For Lunch (Nik Batt Live Set and Rig Rundown)

batt 2

I’ve been following for a couple/few years now. Nick Batt does some of the best coverage of up and coming instruments and technology in the world of synthesizers and other studio gear. His coverage is thorough and even with the more technical stuff, he makes it make sense to follow somehow. It’s nice to see this short set from him for a change, where he doesn’t have to talk about what’s happening. Moody, heartfelt a well arranged set!

Here’s a breakdown of the rig here:

Synths For Lunch

A few things today!

First up is a Moon Modular video teaser for ‘Superbooth 16’ an event later this month in Berlin:



Following is a blog post from the Library of Congress from back in January when they had the opportunity to unbox and observe the Buchla 100:


Top 20 Greatest Synths


 3 videos from quirky throwback style synthesizer video series ‘Top 20 Greatest Synths’ are now up on youtube. Follow their youtube for more, there are to be 9 in total.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3