14th Annual SF New Music Summit

028Outsound Presents hosted their 14th annual New Music Summit which runs through August 1st. This is the first time I’ve attended and I gotta say I’ve been missing out! I attended the ‘Touch the Gear’ portion of the event where artists set up their gear and let you play around with it and ask questions etc. Really nice folks with an array of gear and it was really cool to see the kids get to mess around with weird synths and some of the more crafted acoustic and electroacoustic instruments.

Modular 1

Modular 2

Modular 3

Check the event page for the rest if the happenings as there are still a few days left to attend if you reside in the Bay Area California.

This is a series of short video clips from the event, including a bit near the beginning of Tom Nunn playing one of his constructions. Also I do an impromptu set with the blessing of Matt Davignon. Thanks for that and I will see you next year!

Some Thing’s Weird #7 “Conrad Schnitzler Takes a Walk”

Some Thing's Weird Prof.

 A series within the blog where I post some of the stranger videos and things that come across my desk. The series title is bit of an homage, for those in the know…


In this video, Conrad Schnitzler takes a walk through West Berlin 1988, it’s a dizzying experience.

Here’s another interesting spotlight on Conrad:

And this one: