Alphastare (Hardly Strictly Personal Festival) Berkeley Ca. 2016


2016 has already been a rough year for music with the loss of iconic artists such as Bowie, Lemmy, Natalie Cole. They were all in my mind and heart as we celebrated the birthday of another legendary artist who shot out into the cosmos all too early, at the age of 69, Thee Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) Jan 15 1941-Dec 17 2010 was the main inspiration behind Hardly Strictly Personal Festival.

Next Now  Is a performance series focused on bringing together an eclectic blend of improvised music and arts, drawing on a diverse community of musicians and sound artists and is curated by Mika Pontecorvo who invited me to sit in with his project Feral Luggage/Cartoon Justice which then phased into my solo set.

This was also a benefit for : Earthjustice, Homeless Action Center, as well as Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

Feral Luggage/Cartoon Justice/Alphastare

IMG_9959 PM 1
Cartoon Justice/Feral Luggage/Alphastare

I have 2 videos, the first is my collaboration with Cartoon Justice/Feral Luggage and the second is my solo set.

Here’s Pt. 1 of 2


photo (7) pm

My set consisted of analog and digital sound sources. I essentially ‘Jammed’ with some prisoners.

HSP 041pm
cassette sound sources

HSP 057 pm

Here’s Pt 2 of 2


More noise soon!



Matt Davignon/World of Wonder Podcast/Pink Earth

Over the holidays Alphastare was included in this special World of Wonder podcast (December Edition) hosted by Bay Area sound artist Matt Davignon. Enjoy Alvin and The Chipmunks ‘A Christmas Song’ played at half speed as well as a time stretched ‘Carol of The Bells’ by Bells of Berkshire and many more audio oddities!

click the link to listen!


WOW Dec 2015 cover

Matt also has a new cd coming out called ‘Pink Earth’ which is due out this month and is available now for pre-order! There is one track available for preview and it is a good little trip inside some strange world that I look forward to exploring further, and I hope you do too!