5 thoughts on “Dub Spencer and Trance Hill ‘The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah’”

  1. This is great for me, I’m a total Burroughs nut, I’ve read everything I can get hold of – I have a good few records related to him – Bill Laswell & Material, Disposable Heroes of Hyphoprisy and about 3 of him doing his own stuff too.

    Nothing beats that sepulchural croak.

    I liked the musical treatment on this one too – if you don’t know it, you’d like the Material LP ‘In The Western Lands’, based on this.


    1. Aww yeah man, I had the 10″ incher he did with Cobain and I’ve got that thing Genesis and Sleezy archived and recently released of those tapes. I’ve got a few randaom Laswell slabs as well.

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    2. Totally by coincidence we watched an episode of the Anthony Bourdain show ‘Parts Unknown’, his CNN series, and it happened to be the episode where he went to Morocco, Tangiers mostly. Burroughs and Bowles and the gang are all over that one. Started and ended the day with some B DUB!

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