Sunday Listenings

Just a few things that I have been enjoying this Sunday

Clown in Light

Master Wilburn Burchette-Transcendental Music for Meditation 1-2

Side A

Side B

Cousin Silas ‘Dronescape 026’

This a brand new lovely and long piece of Ambient from ‘We Are All Ghosts’

6 thoughts on “Sunday Listenings”

  1. The Cousin Silas was more my flavour. Have you heard the LP by Night Flights from last year? (NF being Carlton Melton’s guitarist) if you liked this you’ll love that. Trust me. Plus its on yellow vinyl and the cover has a spaceship on it – what more do you need?

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    1. I haven’t heard Night Flights, what I have heard from Carlton Melton I have enjoyed. I’ve also sadly not been buying records for awhile since work has been slow, so I have been missing some excellent releases. I will keep an eye out for that one when I’m back on top! Thanks for that!

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      1. Don’t worry its on Spotify – if you like the Cousin Silas I know you’d like it. Great ‘lights off’ music.


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