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Flesh Eaters Live in SF 2018

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I had a really cool time getting to see The Flesh Eaters. This was interesting to me ’cause the last time they played in 2015 my band Andalusia Rose opened for them at Great American Music Hall…the time before that in 2007 at Slims my band with Javier Matos “Hud” opened up for them, which was the first time that classic line-up reunited in a really long time. Before that in the 90’s, as most of you know, I played guitar with the band and we released an album in 1999. So this was the first time I got to just watch the band and enjoy the music without being in that headspace of having to perform or load gear or whatever.

The chemistry between these guys is awesome, and having played a lot of these songs in a line-up that consisted of 2 guitars, I worked the most with Larry Schemel currently of Death Valley Girls, getting to hear the sax and vibes treatment was really cool. They even played a song I co-wrote from that 1999 release and that was a trip and an honor to hear coming from these guys. They also had a copy of our cd Ashes of Time along with the classic albums at the merch table.


There are still a few old fart punk bands out there and these guys have been around as long as anybody, but these were some dapper gentlemen laying down some heavy vibes (no pun intended…well maybe yes, the vibes were the loudest thing in the mix last night!) Hahahaha! Great show and an excellent turn out for a Sunday night! Glad I went.

This video shot by my friend Lil Mike actually captures a funny moment where Chris remembers, onstage that he forgot to put a certain someone on the list…someone who played guitar for him for years! hahaha! It was well worth the price of admission. Enjoy the fellas versions of “Green Manalishi” by Peter Green and “She’s Like Heroin to Me” by The Gun Club.


Diamanda Galas SF Masonic 2017

Finally getting to catch up with some posts over here. I’ve been really busy making music as well as seeing some amazing shows. Coincidentally these shows have been largely by women artists which in these times is much more important, vital even.


This was my second time seeing Diamanda Galas in roughly 10 years, the last time she was in SF was back in 2006 when she performed ‘Defixiones’ at Yerba Buena. This time around she only did 6 U.S. dates and naturally, SF was a sold out show that a lucky few got to experience.

Diamanda Masonic edit.jpg

The set consisted of some material from her new releases as well as a few ‘Hits’ and her voice still has all of that wonderful edge and uniqueness of delivery and timbre that could only belong to one person.

Diamanda Edit


“O Prosfygas/Anoixe Petra”

“O Death”

“Let My People Go”

All videos and pics by Jeff K. 2017