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13th Floor Elevators 1984 Reunion Video

Bootlegged Audio from this has been floating around for years, known as ‘The Reunion’. This was a brief attempt by Roky , John ‘Ike’ Walton and bassist Ronnie Leatherman with guitarist Greg Forrest to resurrect the band. This was without Stacey Sutherland and Tommy Hall and there were a few Roky solo songs in the set as well. With Roky in top form, these 4 clips, though not quite a Holy Grail as far as Elevators footage, are still a very important document of this still legendary group. Roky has also recently performed sets of all Elevators material, which is a testament to the strength of the music, and it’s timelessness. It’s also pretty interesting to imagine how this material came across in 1984, at the height of MTV and pop culture!





Cheers to ‘dillorider’ whoever you are!


Some Thing’s Weird 1 (BELP-Mutants/ST37 Live)

SOME THING’S WEIRD (#1)Some Thing's Weird Prof.

I decided to start a series within the blog here to post some of the stranger videos that comes across my desk. The series title is bit of an homage, for those in the know…


I know nothing about this first video, other than that it is shot in a semi-silent film/Stop-animation style, very artistically done.  The music is experimental sound collage, I think I hear a Throbbing Gristle sample about 1:30 in…

‘Based on Material from Jan Lenica. Edited by Konrad Hirsch.
The Music is Part of a 4-Track EP on Soundcloud:


photo (16)

Next up are a couple of live vids from ST37 out of Austin. I have one record of theirs called ‘Secret Society’ that I bought in the 90’s and fell in love with instantly, though I’d be careful with these guys under any psychedelic influences! They recently played with Acid Mothers Temple in Austin so that is the first I’ve heard anything about them since obtaining that one record years ago. The drummer was the drummer on Roky Erickson and Evil Hook Wildlife ET EP, which I also have.

Roky Erickson Evil Hook ET

The first video is from 2000 where they lay down a dirty, space rock, swirling psychedelic guitar laden version of Cold Night For Alligators:


This next video is from Jan 2015 where they performed at Trailer Space Records in Austin, this one is nicely effected:

Texas Psych write up from a few years ago

Roky Erickson Great American Music Hall – 3/3/12 Review

Roky Erickson GAMHA couple of years ago I wrote a somewhat lengthy facebook post right after attending this show and the guy over at the Texas Psych Blog asked if he could post it (link to the original post above).

Roky fans will know his shows can be hit or miss and this one wasn’t his best, but we take the bad with the good, the crowd reactions were interesting and inspired me to write about it, So there you go!

If you dig 60’s psychedelic rock and especially Texas Psych, go cruise around this blog!


A photo my wife and I took with Roky at the screening of ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ SF screening in 2007.