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Diamanda Galas SF Masonic 2017

Finally getting to catch up with some posts over here. I’ve been really busy making music as well as seeing some amazing shows. Coincidentally these shows have been largely by women artists which in these times is much more┬áimportant, vital even.


This was my second time seeing Diamanda Galas in roughly 10 years, the last time she was┬áin SF was back in 2006 when she performed ‘Defixiones’ at Yerba Buena. This time around she only did 6 U.S. dates and naturally, SF was a sold out show that a lucky few got to experience.

Diamanda Masonic edit.jpg

The set consisted of some material from her new releases as well as a few ‘Hits’ and her voice still has all of that wonderful edge and uniqueness of delivery and timbre that could only belong to one person.

Diamanda Edit


“O Prosfygas/Anoixe Petra”

“O Death”

“Let My People Go”

All videos and pics by Jeff K. 2017