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Anarchestra “Sonic Oligarchy”

Some inspiring words about the liberation of sound and artistic autonomy, cutting out the gatekeepers and getting back to the DIY philosophy and moving away from being contained and controlled by the tools available to everyone…make your own tools and create alternative choices.

Anarchestra is a DIY instrument maker out of Tucson see more instruments in action via youtube: Anarchestra Instruments

There is a WordPress blog as well: Anarchestra on WordPress

And Anarchestra on Bandcamp


Norcal Noisefest XX Videos (Alphastare Full Set+clips)

People checking out the REsearch table and some folks waiting to get into the theater next door

I once again had the honor of being invited to perform at this years Norcal Noisefest XX. My wife and I had a nice drive down with V.Vale and Marian of REsearch Pubs who set up a table at the event.  My experience last year was a good one and it was really refreshing to attend an event that was well organized, that operated smoothly with 2 rooms to juggle and multiple acts across 3 days! I got to share some sounds with a roomful of like minded people and my set also streamed live on www.dfm.nu as was the bulk of day 3.


I also participated in this years compilation cd and it was nice to have the promoter walk up to me in the parking lot to hand me a fist full of cds upon arrival…and to be paid at the end of the night. It’s a scene that consists of a scrappy bunch of people but I gotta say that both years I have performed have been among the most professional of event experiences I’ve had in my 25 plus years doing music at venues. Cheers and thanks to Lob Instagon and everyone else involved!



Following are 2 videos. The first one is my full set. The Second video is a collage of the handful of artists I got to check out on the third day. Due to last minute schedule changes, I’m not 100% sure who was who, but I will leave a list in the video description of as many as I can identify.


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First show for 2015 with Classic LA Punk Band The Flesh Eaters

(recommended listening while you read this: HERE!)10410591_629062167199946_5926891480950860210_nI recently came across a post featuring a classic LA Punk comp with The Germs, X, The Weirdos and the usual and yet again I was reminded of how criminally overlooked The Flesh Eaters are in any mention of LA Punk and it’s early contributors. Especially as the early members include half of X and members of the Blasters.

I’m totally biased because I played in a version of this band in the 90’s, we did a bunch of shows and recorded an album that was released in 1999 called ‘Ashes of Time’.


FLESH EATERS PROMO CIRCA 20001914093_103080199703155_355460_n

I won’t go into the history of the band so much, I’ll include a few links at the bottom that cover that stuff so you can read up and hopefully discover an artist that has been around for some time but is often overlooked.


Chris D. and Jeff at Chris’s City Lights book reading awhile back.


SF Weekly (1.8.15)

LA Beat Interview

Dangerous Minds

WaxCrackle!Pop! on Radio Valencia (radio interview with Chris D.)

Off Ramp Article

The Examiner 



Superior Viaduct re-issued this classic album ‘A Minute to Pray a Second to Die’ and even more exciting, Chris D. has gathered the original members who made this classic recording that was released originally in 1981 to do a handful of shows here on the West Coast!


Even more exciting than that, my band Andalusia Rose is the sole supporting act for their San Francisco appearance at Great American Music Hall this Friday !!!


What a great way to start 2015!

GAMH Show Flyer


Andalusia Rose_Flesh Eaters GAMH Jan 9 046
John Doe/Jeff Vengeance/Bill Bateman backstage at GAMH

The show went great as to be expected at such a top notch venue. I arrived for load in to hear The Flesh Eaters soundchecking a song I co-wrote with Chris D. and Divine Horseman bassist Robyn Jameson for Ashes of Time called ‘House Amid The Thickets’ and it was surreal watching Grammy nominated guitarist Dave Alvin of The Blasters playing my guitar part!

Flesh Eaters soundchecking

It was a special night and I really enjoyed catching up with everyone, these folks were a big part of my time down in LA in the 90’s. It was especially good to catch up with Bill Bateman who played in an early incarnation of my band The Alphastares which I formed right after my stretch with The Flesh Eaters around 1999/2000.

Andalusia Rose_Flesh Eaters GAMH Jan 9 037


pic by Robin Walker
pic by Robin Walker

We were obviously excited to be the sole support for this show. There’s nothing like playing a show when you have time to set up and adjust things, where you have both back of house and front of house sound techs that know their shit as opposed to the more common 4 band bills in a small box with a dinky PA. It’s important to play those small shows to get good at adapting to different rooms and being able to get on and off stage efficiently, but it really makes a difference when you are at ease about the stuff outside of your control, like how you sound in the room!  It makes such a difference in the performance to have such a solid venue with the best staff, such as they have at Great American Music Hall.

Photo by Mike  Rosati
Photo by Mike Rosati

Here’s video from that night of a song called ‘Calling’.

Here’s a link to some fan footage of us performing ‘House on Fire’ and ‘Kings Men’


Courtesy of Jaimsie Duliakas

 Flesh Eaters performance (slideshow)

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A bit of video I took from sidestage.