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Norcal Noisefest XX Videos (Alphastare Full Set+clips)

People checking out the REsearch table and some folks waiting to get into the theater next door

I once again had the honor of being invited to perform at this years Norcal Noisefest XX. My wife and I had a nice drive down with V.Vale and Marian of REsearch Pubs who set up a table at the event.  My experience last year was a good one and it was really refreshing to attend an event that was well organized, that operated smoothly with 2 rooms to juggle and multiple acts across 3 days! I got to share some sounds with a roomful of like minded people and my set also streamed live on www.dfm.nu as was the bulk of day 3.


I also participated in this years compilation cd and it was nice to have the promoter walk up to me in the parking lot to hand me a fist full of cds upon arrival…and to be paid at the end of the night. It’s a scene that consists of a scrappy bunch of people but I gotta say that both years I have performed have been among the most professional of event experiences I’ve had in my 25 plus years doing music at venues. Cheers and thanks to Lob Instagon and everyone else involved!



Following are 2 videos. The first one is my full set. The Second video is a collage of the handful of artists I got to check out on the third day. Due to last minute schedule changes, I’m not 100% sure who was who, but I will leave a list in the video description of as many as I can identify.


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This is the second post covering my 2 day East Coast Tour with Onewayness and Greyscape and thus the final post of a 2 post series. As per usual not a lot of pics of my set as I was busy during it, but here are a few I took from this evening. Catching up with old friends and fellow noisemakers, Dave G. and Scott Sweizy were the highlights of my night! We also shared the bill with Pam Swarts who makes a wonderful noise in many different ways. This was at Dreamland Gallery in Buffalo which is a collective of artists doing pretty cool stuff, check them out!

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This was a homecoming for me as I hadn’t performed live in Buffalo in any capacity since the mid 90’s when I was doing stuff like this:

…and this:

The latter video (Nichols) was actually from a show attended by Aaron Davis of Greyscape (he can be spotted running around apeshit along with pretty much everyone else at that show and he even ended up in a version of that band long after I had left. It was really cool to perform with Aaron all these years later, making my homecoming that much more special.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any Greyscape footage from this evening but here is a short bit of Adam (Onewayness) followed by My whole set which I opened with something special for my audience which consisted of a bunch of old friends and a few of my family also! My mom and 2 of my cousins came out to make this performance that much more important!



Alphastare and Infinite Plastic Internal (feat. Jim Ryan) Live in Oakland

I had the honor of sharing the stage this past weekend with good friends and a legend.

Mark Pino and his project INFINITE PLASTIC INTERNAL, this time featuring Jim Ryan on Kalimba/Sax/Flute and DaDa-isms, were kind enough to join me and my project ALPHASTARE for an improvised  session of live noisemaking and general sonic mischief.

Infinite Plastic Internal 008

Jim Ryan

Infinite Plastic Internal 010

Infinite Plastic Internal 035

Infinite Plastic Internal 057

Infinite Plastic Internal got started off with some modular noise action accompanied by abstract Sax. Mark moved over to percussion and drums as Jim switched on and off between Saxophone, Flute with some pedal manipulation and vocal chants here and there that to me resembled German gibberish, though Mark later told me he was speaking DaDa! Later in the set he played some enchanting rhythmic Kalimba, pretty heavily effected, though the bridge broke at one point where he continued to pull some pliers and a wrench out of his bag while instructing Mark to play while he fixed the ‘Machine’, which he eventually did.

Turns out Jim is quite an accomplished player in the abstract underground scene. He spent some time in Paris in the 60’s and at 80 years old, he brought some authentic avant flavour to the evening. It was even entertaining to watch him fix the Kalimba on the spot after which he said into the microphone ‘You have just witnessed a rescue mission’! I hope to see him perform again some time.

One powerful moment during the set was Mark’s spoken interpretation of Nico’s “Julius Ceasar” off of her timeless album ‘Marble Index’. With nothing other than a shaker for accompaniment, he delivered it with raw emotion and you can enjoy it for yourself in the video below after a collage of short bits from the rest of the set, a visual cut-up of sorts. Please enjoy!


Alphastare Storkk

I was feeling a bit anxious for this performance as I recently switched over to a different 4 track player than I have been using. The Tascam 414 MkII is much lighter thus much more portable, though it lacks the range of eq’s that it’s bulkier sister machine the 424 MkII which is what I have been using exclusively for the past couple years. Despite that and the fact that I also never ran that set up through my Ampeg Bass amp, it all went pretty smoothly. The sound was a bit strange to me but the point is really to be able to adapt in the moment and I used that to my advantage. It was fun exploring that and building up layers to play a little flute to!

I had Jon Weiss on 808 and samples, though he had to bail halfway through the set. Mark jumped up and filled in for the duration which culminated in a nice little hell raiser of a percussion jam.



Alphastare Storkk2

Alphastare Storkk (4)

Alphastare Storkk (5)

Alphastare Stork Club Pt. 3

 Stay Tuned For More!