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Alphastare (experimental sound/video)

I used to make these little videos to accompany some of my music more frequently. This is the first one I’ve done in over a year, shot mostly on BART in SF and Berkeley, enjoy!

To See The Sky From Underground, One Must Listen To The Sounds

Video, Audio and all images recorded and edited by Jeff K.(Alphastare) 2016

 image of Ingrid Caven from Fassbinder’s film Satan’s Brew’ 1976


For more Alphastare videos visit the Youtube Playlist


Friday The 13th release from Alphastare “Smoked Up All The Gods”


Smoked Up All The Gods LP

On Friday the 13th this past week I released a new batch of sounds. It ended up being a very heavy day coincidentally so I decided to wait a few days to post this. The sounds on here represent a few different approaches from sound samples to field recordings, city sounds, to both digital and analog synths as well as some beat edits. There are elements of chaos and discord as well as melody and rhythm which I feel reflect the current times.

This album is also available on Baboom!


Post Norcal Noisefest (Live clips and a video party with Monte Cazazza!)

016 crop
A gathering of noisists!

About a week ago I got to perform a set at Norcal Noisefest a Sacramento noise festival that celebrated it’s 20th year in operation. This was a 3 day festival and the first time I’ve attended or performed. Since I was only there the 3rd day, I’ll include some video that was put together by another participant covering all 3 days at the end of this post.


Lob Instagon

Lob (D.Chelini)
Lob (D.Chelini)

Firstly. I’d like to thank Lob Instagon, the man behind the Instagon Collective for organizing the event and running the show as about as efficiently as I’ve ever seen and I have played quite a few venues over the past 25 or so and have been involved in shows with 3 or 4 bands on the bill that were not nearly run as smoothly as this event. We’re talking 2 rooms with staggered set times run side by side, close to 20 acts with 20 minute sets and Lob never missed a beat!

I was able to get a few clips of a few of Sunday’s performers. Here’s a sampler including Eddie Honeyeater, My pal Infinite Plastic internal (M. Pino) I’m a little unsure of the other acts in this video, but I believe we are seeing Vertonen and Fletcher Pratt in there and at the end is Stolen Elk who brought a lovely electroacoustic element to the set.

V. Vale (RE/Search) was also in attendance.

V. Vale RE/Search (D. Chelini)

RE/Search Publications

 Just prior to my set I got to meet Monte Cazazza and it was an honor to connect with him as like a lot of us noise artists, I was influenced by the early experimental/Industrial movement from the late 70’s and Monte was very much a part of that scene being the man who coined the term ‘Industrial Music for Industrial People’  as well as releasing recordings along side Throbbing Gristle on IRC. He checked out most of my set and I am truly honored beyond words.

Alphastare and MC frame
Alphastare meets Monte Cazazza


My set:

Monte Cazazza (excerpts)

Monte Cazazza and Meri St. Mary

I took some footage of Monte’s set as well. He was joined by Meri St. Mary for a foray into the world of ‘duelling Theremins’

After a very brief Q & A with Monte which consisted of one person asking if they could publicly spank him (‘no’ was his answer) and not much else of substantial inquisitiveness, he treated us to a video screening. These were videos  by an artist called Mrs. Misanthropy and we viewed ‘What’s so Kind about Mankind?’ and ‘Witches Curse’ both can be viewed in their entirety via the links. Visit Mrs. Misanthropy’s channel for many inspired video works set to the sounds of dark experimental and Industrial artists such as Coil, TG, more from Monte and many others.

Not for the weak of constitution…

following is an archive of a live 5 hour broadcast from day 3 of the event. Full sets, audio only.

UBRadio 5 Hour Broadcast from Day 3


Below are the video comp from acts from all three days as well as a photo collection by Denise Chelini on flickr, great shots!



Photo’s from all 3 days by D. Chelini on flickr

This was the 20th year of the festival but only the 19th iteration, so next year will be another milestone being the 20th actual weekend of performances and I greatly look forward to it! Stay in the loop by subscribing to norcalnoisefest.com or following them on Twitter, you can also obtain copies of this years compilation vis Bandcamp, there are still a few physical copies left over there and I have a few as well, contact me!