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Alphastare (experimental sound/video)

I used to make these little videos to accompany some of my music more frequently. This is the first one I’ve done in over a year, shot mostly on BART in SF and Berkeley, enjoy!

To See The Sky From Underground, One Must Listen To The Sounds

Video, Audio and all images recorded and edited by Jeff K.(Alphastare) 2016

 image of Ingrid Caven from Fassbinder’s film Satan’s Brew’ 1976


For more Alphastare videos visit the Youtube Playlist


Alphastare (live at All Tomorrow’s Afterparties 2016)

“Blessings of the Masses…thou art is subject of the divine…created in the image of man, by the masses…for the masses. Let us be thankful we have an occupation to fill. Work Hard, increase production, prevent accidents and….be happy.”

Following is a collage of clips from Sunday’s early acts. Within are sounds by Will Alexander (solo piano), Denney Joints who did a nice tribute to X and is the only person I’ve heard cover Einsturzende Neubauten. Also a few clips from Zbug who put down a great set of frenetic free jazz vibes with an experimental/industrial element…enjoy this eclectic mix by this representation of Bay Area artists of a wide variety!


I didn’t get to attend days one or two of the event but Ann O’Rourke has uploaded Ear Spray’s set from Saturday 6_4_16 featuring her mind blowing projection work.


You can view coverage of my full set from last years performance HERE! 

Splendor Generator with Bill Thibault at Studio Grand Oakland Ca.

I go turned on to Bill Thibault back in August when he performed with Tender Buttons at the Outsound New Music Summit. He designed this software that works with sound to create these immersive visual environments.

Video by Ann O’Rourke.

Visit her Youtube Channel for many more videos of Bay Area Experimental audio/visual happenings!

Some Industrial


Just a couple things on the Experimental/Industrial music front that I just came across. A brilliant and lengthy, first hand, in depth history of the creation and roots of Industrial music and media experimentation by Genesis P-Orridge of Coum Transmissions/Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV. This is an over two hour lecture given recently at Timken Lecture Hall San Francisco Campus for CCA (Ca. College for the Arts). Genesis punctuates certain points in the evolution of the sound with recordings on vinyl, disc and digital.

Following that is a rare Cabaret Voltaire recording from 1976