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Heavy Metal Mothership out now on Heavy Psych Sounds


As I reported back in July, I’ve been handling bass for SF heavy psych metal band Turn Me On Dead Man, who recently signed to Heavy Psych Sounds out of Italy. Since then the album has been pressed up and is ready to ship! There are black and transparent splatter available. Purchase links are HERE and check out this stellar review via The Obelisk.




Also in the works is a European tour that is slated to kick off in Feb 2018, more details as that develops.

My first show with these guy will be November 17th at Coopers in Nevada City.


One final bit of business to announce here is our Patreon campaign. In order to keep up on gear maintenance, rehearsal rent, transportation and other incidental things that keep a band afloat, we need to solicit the help of our friends, fans and family. We hate to do it but the days of major labels floating developing artists with bloated budgets are long over, we do this on our own and with the support of an Independent label. That being said, independent labels like Heavy Psych are essential to our growth, and they facilitate our being able to gain exposure in different markets, but they are not backed by major label money, and we still have to support a lot of what we do in the day to day of the band. Check out the Patreon and pitch in if you can, there will be exclusive content and future offers on merch etc. for patrons of our campaign. You will be rewarded!


Cover Photo by Sven Wiederholt with further manipulation by Jonesy Daysleeper





Andalusia Rose New Song Live Debut


Not much happened in the world of Andalusia Rose since our record release show in July other than some behind the scenes plotting and planning. We also just got back from a  three day jaunt up North. We played Eugene, Portland and Seattle.

We’ve been setting up some more out of town shows for the Southwest. We’ll be at The Redwood in LA Nov 18th and then we move on to Joshua Tree and a couple of shows in AZ. Stay tuned for details.

For now enjoy this debut of our new song “Queen of the Dying Flame”. This was at our show at Dante’s in Portland where we shared a bill with Hells Belles.

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We still have merch available on Andalusia Rose Bandcamp, you can find the vinyl version of our EP First Stone there!

andalusia cover

First Stone (Mastered Audio)

Andalusia Roseandalusia coverHere’s a new version of our debut video ‘First Stone’ from the EP of the same title. This one has the mastered audio!

Our EP ‘First Stone’ is available in digital download, cd and 3 vinyl versions! Choose from classic black, blue or blue with oxblood splatter! Grab ’em on our Bandcamp Site!

AR BlueAR splatter 

Here’s a review from City Slang outta Seattle!

“Somewhere between old school Gospel and Austin based blues Andalusia Rose finds a viable medium and works in elements of contemporary recording techniques creating lots of “space” and lingering atmosphere . The music has a smoky back-woods vibe about it though you can very distinctly hear shades of bands like The Black Crows, Lazy Susan and The Peach Kings. Their first batch of songs is surprisingly polished for a band that’s only been around for about 3 years. Wendy Lee Gadzuk is the singer, guitarist and primary songwriter. She writes from a centered place that projects confidence but leaves a lingering uncomfortable edginess. The rest of the band has been a cast of rotating musicians – the current line-up is Paul Jarvis on drums and Jeff Vengeance covering pretty much everything else. Coming from bands like The 440’s, Sucker Star, The Flesh Eaters and Skin Lab there’s plenty of seasoned talent in this group. I think the first thing I noticed about the songs from a musician’s perspective was the old-school guitar tones. Nothing processed or modernized – all vintage and organic, so much so you can smell tubes cooking through the headphones. They add variety to the textures of the songs with tones ranging from shimmering cleans to Hendrix-type mid gains and are not afraid to use subtle delays, slides and other colorful effects at exactly the right moments. The first song I listened to was their rendition of The Rose (yes, the Bette Midler ballad). Their spin on it is, in a word, unsettling like something they’d use little pieces of in the background of an Elm Street movie. She doubles her own voice creating a natural chorusing effect but the tracks are different enough to be oddly out of phase. The song is built upon layers of vocals, slide guitar, creepy keyboards and…bird samples which is a bit disturbing. It’s not typical of the rest of their music which is cool because it shows their material is more diverse and less one-sided. Next track I spun was Destroyer which was my fave. This one starts out wide open with slide guitar that has a total Cowboy Junkies vibe then a third of the way into it the rhythm guitar gets “heavy” and the whole thing shifts to more of a Tesla feel and the by time it hits the middle mark it has a southern bounce to it that almost sounds like a toned down Molly Hatchet song. Let it Shine contrasts completely starting out with a gospel feel then turning into something between Joplin and Collective Soul. Listening to the rest of the tunes they sent me it’s apparent they have a very broad range of influences spanning the 60’s through the 90’s. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about any of it. Bottom line – This is well thought out music performed and recorded flawlessly. It’s a new twist on an old style we’ve all heard before but not in many years or done this well. Look for their upcoming release First Stone available soon on CD, download and a limited run on vinyl. Do yourself a favor, find Andalusia Rose on-line and see what the fuss is all about.” – 6/7 –  Spot Mandeux

Andalusia Rose ‘First Stone’ video and EP

photo (13)Recently, my band mates and I proudly released our first proper recorded output in the form of an EP titled ‘First Stone’ it has been a year in the making and with the help of a decently successful Indiegogo campaign, we were able to self produce and release this EP in cd and vinyl format!

The cover art is by the multi-talented singer/guitarist and artist Wendy Lee Gadzuk

Here is the debut video to accompany this release, it is for the title track ‘First Stone’ and was shot and directed by Phillip Vielma.

…and a teaser for ‘Destroyer’

There are 3 different vinyl editions available via our Bandcamp site, standard black and a very limited amount of both blue and blue with oxblood splatter:

AR Blue

AR splatter

We’re also on this cool ass site called coloredvinylrecords.com

When you hover over the records on the site, they spin!

AR colored vinyl site page