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Alphastare East Coast tour PT 1: Erie PA (Alphastare vs. Onewayness)

Erie (Alphastare) 1This next series of blog posts will be focused on My trip to the East Coast with my wife which consisted of a 4 day train ride there and back with lots of action in between (we were gone for 17 days!). More on the train experience and our NY State adventures later.


First I wanna focus on 2 shows I did in Both Erie PA and Buffalo NY. This post will cover the first show I did in Erie PA on August 21st. as I invaded the home turf of 2 Erie PA artists Onewayness (Adam Holquist) and an old and dear friend Aaron Davis who performed as Greyscape. In a sort of ‘show me yours, I’ll show you mine’ spirit, we all performed on 2 consecutive evenings together in both Erie and Buffalo my home town!


The first night (Erie) was hosted by Evan K. Everhart at his studio which is essentially a sculpture palace and garden! There were so many things to look at and take in, I had to force myself to set up and prepare to perform! Here’s a slide show of a bit of his wonderful space, probably the coolest venue I’ve performed at to date.

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Inside was just as loaded with art and sculpture and found objects which is what Evan predominantly works with.

Monica (stripes day @ Everhart Studios)
Inside Evan K. Everharts studio

Up first was Greyscape (Aaron Davis) an old friend from my Buffalo noise making days, he was in a version of a band I started called Smackicide and he can be seen in this old video from 1996 when Smackicide played a show at an all girls high school in Buffalo called Nichols Academy. He was not in the band yet at this point, but he was still a big part of this performance!

Here is a slideshow of pics followed by video of his set at Everhart Studios


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Video of Greyscape’s full set shot by Tom Weber Films can be viewed here:


It was great to see Aaron in action, still vital and he still performs with vigour!

Alphawayness 2


This was the second time I got to perform a show with Onewayness, the first was when he was out West for a handful of gigs and we shared a bill at The Luggage Store Gallery in SF earlier this year.


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Finally as an added bonus, Adam, Aaron, Fazed Cookies and myself performed a short set as The SK-Orchestra which utilised 4 SK-1 keyboards 2 of which were circuit bent, this was a blast!

Aaron gettin' antsy to tickle these keys!
Aaron gettin’ antsy to tickle these keys!

Plenty of music here, if you enjoy this wonderful noise, stay tuned for part II which will feature our Buffalo performances!

14th Annual Outsound New Music Summit (Final Night)

New Music Summit 14 Chen/Fei/Pontecorvo Q&A
Q&A with Tania Chen, James Fei and Mika Potecorvo

Recently I posted about the 14th Annual Outsound New Music Summit after I attended the ‘Touch the Gear’ expo on July 26th. There were events throughout the week that I unfortunately missed but I did make it to the final show on Saturday. I caught the first 2 sets by Bridge of Crows and Tender Buttons respectively. I’ll let the clips speak for themselves but the theme this evening was ‘Vision Music’ so there was heavy interaction between sound and visual. It was very immersive and great to experience in person.

Below are a few short clips of the first 2 acts.

First up is Bridge of Crows doing “Bedouin Poets of Mars: The Last Poet ” featuring
Mika Pontecorvo, Elijah Pontecorvo, Kersti Abrams, Greg Baker, Mark Pino, Mariko Miyakawa, Bob Marsh.

Bob and Elijah
Bob and Elijah
Mika and Mark
Mika and Mark


New Music Summit 14 Modular set-up

Next is: Tender Buttons featuring Tania Chen, Gino Robair, Tom Djll and Bill Thibault who was responsible for the visual elements and also takes a ‘solo’ at one point!

Bill Theibault
Bill Theibault


If you are craving more, here are full pieces captured by Ann O’Rourke, including the 3rd act which I missed that night. Bill Hsu/James Fei/Gino Robair




I look forward to next year!

Alphastare/Wings of An Angel ‘Just Psychopathics’

“Spanning geographical and cultural divides as wide as the oceans, art has this way of creating long and lasting bridges, maybe not the most stable, the ones that sway dangerously in the wind.” Alphastare

Do you dare cross?

I am more than pleased to announce the release of this collaborative work. About 6 months ago I discovered the wonderfully long and immersive Ambient recordings of Wings of An Angel and began sharing some of these on my sprawling blogger playlist ‘Digtal Rivers’ which is now around 750 releases deeeeep!

Anyway, Felix contacted me shortly thereafter and thanked me for sharing his works and asked if I was interested in a collaboration as he had sampled some of my stuff and liked what he heard. Over the next few weeks we set out to record and remotely add to each others works in a pretty fluid and painless process that yielded excellent results. I feel we just scratched the surface a bit and hope to further explore what possibilities may lie beneath in future endeavors.


You can hear more of Wings Of An Angel’s releases via his Bandcamp Site

View his digital art here:

Unearthly Demagogue Deviantart