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Alphastare and The Flying Pontecorvos

Here’s a bunch of video from June 4th at The Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco’s Tenderloin/Financial District

Alphastare 14 Saturated

I performed as a last minute replacement for Jack Hertz and the opening group The Flying Pontecorvos also joined me later in my set for some free form meditations. This was a blast.





IMG_3674 (1)

This was Experimental Electroacoustic Free Jazz Drone Improvisation in the heart of San Francisco.


Alphastare/Wings of An Angel ‘Just Psychopathics’

“Spanning geographical and cultural divides as wide as the oceans, art has this way of creating long and lasting bridges, maybe not the most stable, the ones that sway dangerously in the wind.” Alphastare

Do you dare cross?

I am more than pleased to announce the release of this collaborative work. About 6 months ago I discovered the wonderfully long and immersive Ambient recordings of Wings of An Angel and began sharing some of these on my sprawling blogger playlist ‘Digtal Rivers’ which is now around 750 releases deeeeep!

Anyway, Felix contacted me shortly thereafter and thanked me for sharing his works and asked if I was interested in a collaboration as he had sampled some of my stuff and liked what he heard. Over the next few weeks we set out to record and remotely add to each others works in a pretty fluid and painless process that yielded excellent results. I feel we just scratched the surface a bit and hope to further explore what possibilities may lie beneath in future endeavors.


You can hear more of Wings Of An Angel’s releases via his Bandcamp Site

View his digital art here:

Unearthly Demagogue Deviantart