We are water mostly. Everything is fluid…Wa5We are water mostly. Everything is fluid…




This one below was a vertical shot


I had fun with water, it can really add effect to a photo!



Here’s an entry for the ‘Street’ challenge. I sometimes get lost in the lines that traverse the SF sky.ST 1

Here are a couple of ‘Established Shots’ from near where I live, one facing West, the second one facing East. I took these utilising the Ollo Clip for iphone ‘wide angle’ lens.

ST 3

St 2I may add more later as I will be out and about this afternoon.


San Francisco is such a vibrant city and even the streets and sidewalks tell a tale of a creative, progressive, politically and culturally charged city. Here are some things from my wanderings yesterday!
ST 13

ST 12ST 11ST 4ST 8St 9St 14St 15

I remember when I first moved to San Francisco 10 years ago I began slowly noticing that every time I went outside for a walk or whatever, there were always at least a few computer monitors and/or towers on the street, usually from folks upgrading or what have you. A lot of the time they were usable. It really struck me then, how saturated this area was with that industry, that you could easily obtain a working computer off the street for free if you had some knowledge about setting them up of course. I didn’t have an interest back then, I only recently got my first laptop roughly 5 years ago. St 17ST 16ST 7ST 5ST. 6

St 10ST 18



Just signed up for Photo 101 and got a late start but I should be on the daily task from here on out!

Enjoy a shot of where I call home. A tiny house behind a huge house in San Francisco. Our house is what used to be the foremans house when this area of SF was all cow pastures back in the late 1800’s. This area was known as the “Dairy District’ and this is the oldest house on the block.


New Youtube Vinyl Community Video


From time to time I’ve been making these little videos where I show and talk about records. There is a rather sizable group of nerds that do this and I am proud to be one of them. Here is a video I just made and uploaded yesterday. This is the first one I’ve done in over a year. I also shamelessly plug my new release and talk about some other music activities! Enjoy!

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