Music Music! A busy season ahead!


It’s gonna be a busy couple of months for Andalusia Rose as we are putting the finishing touches on our EP ‘First Stone’ and preparing for a short jaunt up to The Pacific Northwest.

Recording has been a blast and this is the first proper release by this Line-up consisting of:

Wendy Lee Gadzuk (Vox/Guitar).

Wendy Lee Gadzuk
Wendy Lee Gadzuk

Paul Jarvis Hopkins (Drums/backing vox)

Paul Jarvis Hopkins
Paul Jarvis Hopkins

Jeff Vengeance (yours truly) Bass/Baritone Guitar/Guitars/vox

Jeff Vengeance
Jeff Vengeance

Tracking has been done for awhile now, final mixes and artwork are currently being finalized and I’m more than excited to fulfil a lifelong dream of releasing a record of my own music! Yes, this will actually be a record…as in vinyl. There will be cds and digital dl’s of course, but I have been a vinyl collector since I could walk, so it’s a pretty personal achievement.

Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes
‘Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes’ (me circa 1994?)
My record room (well, one of 'em!) 2014
My record room (well, one of ’em!) 2014

I’ve been involved with an album in the past that was only released on CD. Considering digital and a vinyl release, the process has been really interesting and daunting at the same time. For digital you get a pretty close representation of how it will sound via pre mixes/mastering, so that’s not too stressful, but with vinyl there is the extra step of sending off the master (not the same master for digital) and in turn waiting for a test pressing to be reviewed before finally giving the go-ahead. Anticipation on top of anticipation! It’s a lot like X-mas when you know what you’re gonna get but not how well it will stand up to your expectations.

In addition to this exciting step in our growth as a band, we will be embarking on a 3 city 4 day tour up in the Pacific NW region.

Sept 18th-Dante’s (Portland)

Sept 19th-The Two-Bit (Seattle)

Sept 20th-McCoys Tavern (Olympia)

Sept 21st- The Mix (Seattle) early accoustic show

Prior to that we play this Friday (Sept 12th) with Fast Piece of Furniture At Roosters in Alameda Ca. and upon our return we will be playing Brick and Mortar in SF (Sept 28th)

We also have a new t-shirt design available here! All funds will be used to help out with our tour and record release! This was designed and printed by me!

Andalusia Rose 'Basilika' t-shirt
Andalusia Rose ‘Basilika’ t-shirt

 Alphastare News!


 drums 2

This is a more personal project for me and sort of exists and moves in it’s own way and time.

Here’s a new track I released recently via soundcloud:

I’m also currently curating a show for October 18th at The Stork Club in Oakland Ca. This will consist of Alphastare and Infinite Plastic Internal as well as a massive collaboration between the two! Our last outing can be heard here.

I plan on performing with Drummer Jon Weiss again as well as a possible addition of a bassist. This will be an experiment in sound and I’ll plan nothing, but I am creating some raw material to be kept at the ready. Last time I recorded some sound from the act prior to us, and used it in my set, so spontaneity is always at the forefront.

Infinite Plastic Internal is Mark Pino, who tells me he plans to build up a wall of sound with drums and he plans on taking his time doing it, should be fun to observe the process!

Also in the works is a limited cd release called ‘Current Birds’. A digital version of it is available here. The cd release will have some extra stuff, so if you wait to get a physical copy you’ll get that as well.


Available Now!!!

Cheers from SF!

Love Letter to a Sister City

Off Monroe Ave memorycity

The digital age claims yet another small city, one that was built on traditional photography and the use of film as a medium. I can only hope that Rochester NY. can stay vital in some way without Kodak.

Growing up in Buffalo during the post industrial decline (late 80’s-early 90’s) and having Rochester as a sister city was nice as it was still pretty happening as far as shows and culture etc. We used to drive the 90 min or so to check out the handful of great record stores along Monroe Ave. when we only had 1 or 2. We were always blown away by the strength and vibrancy of the local music and art scene and we always met interesting people and would often end up catching a local band we never heard of and spending the night with hospitable folk who were just as interested in us as we were of them and what they were doing. I even briefly dated a gal who’s dad had won a Nobel prize for his work in the discovery of the ‘Quark’. This same person also turned me on to the existentialist writer Sartre and other fundamental writers and thinkers such as Camus and Hesse etc. when I was still 16 or so. Just some of the fond memories of a city that contributed to who I am and what interests me today.
RIP Kodak and Long live Ra-cha-cha!!!

A great day to create some sounds.

Full Moon SF 6/12/14

The Moon from Oakland 6/12/14

So it’s Friday the 13th and the moon is full and that’s kinda like a holiday. My favorite thing to do on holidays is to make music. In addition to playing in a proper band that rehearses regularly and plays out at least twice a month.I have been making experimental music under the nomme de noise “Alphastare” I usually work alone but when the stars and things align I am sometimes able to collaborate with some wonderful people. Today I will be going into the studio with drummer/percussionist/artist/sound artist Jon Weiss. This will be the first time we’ve gone in to record in at least a year. we’ve done a few sessions so far and they have turned out really well, there is plenty of raw material to further manipulate and combine with other sounds.

I generally work in a hands off manner, where I let the sounds dictate the direction of the piece, with minimal manipulation. I’ll also add other outside sounds to render the original sound in a completely different hue. Working with another person and their perspective is exciting for me as they perceive the sounds from a different place and can take it somewhere I wouldn’t have thought of. It’s especially exciting to work with someone who operates on a pro level, it really makes me a better performer and I always learn something new in the process.

There are other exciting things in the works for both Alphastare and my band Andalusia Rose including vinyl releases and summer shows. Stay tuned, it’s time to go make some noise.


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