various artists – The Big California Noise Compilation

I contributed a track to this really big compilation of 143 California underground sound artists. This brave soul reviewed them all! My track appears in the #32 spot (Alphastare).

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: various artists
title: The Big California Noise Compilation
keywords: alternative, west coast, compilation, experimental, misc. , noise, power electronics, sound art, Sacramento
label: Thee Instagon Foundation

When Lob, the curator of this compilation mailed with the request of hearing this collection of tracks representing a large (might it be complete?) representation of the noise scene in the American state of California, I thought ‘Yes!’ that would be an excellent opportunity to hear and discover a whole load of music in one go. The title of ‘The Big California Noise Compilation’ was not an over-reaction, as it is indeed big.. 143 tracks thick!
Of course only a mental person would be stupid enough to go for a track by track review,
but I thought to proof them wrong and do indeed that. So if you had wondered why the lack of other reviews… you can blame Lob and the…

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Swarm (Shake Some Action!)

Went back into the archives for this one. Recently my band had a gig in Oakland and as we pulled up and double parked 2 vehicles in order to quickly offload some gear and go park, we were suddenly swarmed by cyclists! Mostly dressed up in party attire and some of the bikes were outfitted with hefty sound systems and crazy lights, probably running on cycle generated power! The Bay Area is home to Critical Mass so we’re no stranger to these impromptu masses of cyclists, but we got stuck in the road there for a good 30 minutes before we could move our cars! Best to enjoy the moment, so we watched the procession and I took a bunch of video and these pics!

Bike Party 2

Bike Party 4Bike Party 5Bike Party 6

The challenge inspired me to slap this video together as well, as I have been meaning to for awhile. It gives you a better sense of the ‘swarm’ . I also think it gives a decent view into the diversity of The Bay Area right now. When we arrived, there was a matinee comedy event happening that may have been a private thing, I couldn’t tell, but as you can see it was a pretty dull affair that consisted of what appeared to me to be people from the tech industry. One single continuous shot from inside the club through the front door and into the street opens up a whole different vibe. This was on Telegraph Ave in the heart of Oakland on an early Friday evening.

I wanted some music in the background and I sort of randomly chose this Flaming Groovies song ‘Shake Some Action’ and it really worked out better than I anticipated. The Groovies are also a Bay Area band and that jives with the whole thing!! I think the video tells a story now.


Bike Party Video!!!

Bike Party 5

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