Instagon #707 (clips)

IMG_5581 frame

I actually had to dust off my guitar this Saturday to sit in with lob Instagon and ‘Instagon‘ I got to jam with Mark Pino on drums again as well as some guys I have never played with. We had Lob leading us on bass, Stephen Elliot on keys, Jaroba on horns and myself on guitar. I ran my guitar through a korg multi-effects pedal which split to a Korg 4 Track with built in speakers and effects as well as to an MF104m moogerfooger which was plugged into one of those ‘Cube’ style portable street amps which had no tone controls or eq whatsoever, so the sound was pretty muddy but still texturally interesting and there were some moments for sure. We played two sets 35 and 45 or so minutes and this is an edit of a little less than half an hour of that.

This was for ArtsEarth and was hosted by David Leikam.

Myself, Jaroba and Pino stretching out between sets

Lob is also a coordinator, operator and master of ceremonies for Nor-Cal Noisefest which I will also be performing at this September.



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