Alphastare / Hal McGee – microcassette split

An astute review of a microcassette split I did with Hal McGee awhile back.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artistst: Alphastare / Hal McGee
Title: microcassette split
keywords: experimental electronic improvisation noise tape collage Gainesville

Alphastare takes us out on public transport, exchanges micro miniatures of street recordings with quick bites and snippets from all kinds of encounters. People talking and a cheaper version of Simon and Garfukel is captured alongside a classy guitar solo. The side of Alphastare is one journey in which it feels as if the artist zaps like a through conductor through a load of warm field recordings and lo-fi psychedelic chill music. It’s a nice balance that because of its dusty and muffled warmth in sound feels much more friendly then any digital produced work.

In general most of the recording is very relaxed, creating an ambient atmosphere to relax in. Even when things get a little bit more abstract, the feeling of chill is continued. Some instant laughing of a crowd…

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