World of Wonder Podcast (April 2016 Edition)

wow 4_2015

I’m Chuffed to have an Alphastare track on this ‘wonderful’ podcast. I’m Also honored to be in the company of some real talent and even a few originators such as Morton Subotnick, John Hassell, Eno…Coil and some early electronic music from Forbidden Planet all make up this killer mix of experimental music. Full list with links to artists (when available) below!




2 hours of “Alien Planet Music”

0:00:00) opening chimes
0:00:35) Michael Peters “Orllyndie” from “CT-Collective Works”, (self-released), 2008 (
0:06:06) Matt Davignon “Lepidoptera” from “Pink Earth”, Ribosome Music, 2016 (
0:06:06) & announcements
0:16:16) John Duval “Hell’s Canyon” from “Hell’s Canyon”, Hypnos/Binary, 2003 (
0:24:34) Gal*in_Dog “Moongoat” from “S_Nd”, Edgetone Records, 2007 (
0:39:48) Jonny Greenwood “Clockwork Tin Soldiers” from “Bodysong”, Parlophone, 2003 (
0:43:33) Jüppala Kääpiö “Yetti Frottage” from “Animalia Corolla”, omnimemento, 2012 (
0:43:33) & announcements
0:56:09) Ikue Mori “Sign” from “Myrninerest”, Tzadik, 2005 (
0:59:23) Coil vs Elph “Manunkind” from “Worship the Glitch”, Eskaton, 1994 (
1:00:42) Brian Eno “Shadow” from “Ambient 4: On Land”, Caroline Records, 1982 (
1:03:35) Morton Subotnick “Butterflies: Butterfly No. 2” from “Subotnick: Electronic Works 3”, CBS Records/Mode, 1974/2011 (
1:11:57) Ian Martin “Heparin” from “Intensions”, Further Records, 2010 (
1:21:28) Matt Davignon “Pink Earth Outtake” from “(unreleased)”, 2016
1:21:28) & announcements
1:26:18) Louis and Bebe Barron “Love at the Swimming Hole” from “Forbidden Planet OST”, Planet Records / GNP Crescendo, 1956 / 1999 (
1:29:29) David Toop “Ill-Faced Doll (Aozameta Omozashi Ni Katadorare)” from “Black Chamber”, Sub Rosa, 1999 (
1:37:57) Andy Butler “Cicadas and Crickets” from “CT-Collective: Bugs”, CT-Collective, 2008 (
1:43:18) Alphastare “Shroom Patch” from “Night Movements I”, (self-released), 2014 (
1:50:18) Mariann Käfer “Horsing Around…” from “Animalfarm”, Furnace Records, 1995 (
1:56:50) FSK1138 “Parc La Fontaine piste cachee” from “Canada Experimental Underground 016 Survey”, Unexplained Souds Group, 2016 (
1:56:50) & announcements
2:02:42) Jon Hassell “Hamburg” from “The Surgeon Of The Nightsky Restores Dead Things By The Power Of Sound”, Intuition Records, 1987 (



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