8 thoughts on “Synths for Lunch CAT 5/Robert Rich (Moog spotlight series)”

    1. I also vibe with his attention to his surroundings. I remember a point in time when I was 19 or so, I stopped listening to my ‘walkman’ (oh how we date ourselves!) and for many years I didn’t listen to music when I was out in the world. I got a lot from just listening to my surroundings. Only recently have I begun to use headphones again and it’s only to listen to stuff I’m working on and now I’m more likely to record my surroundings! 😉 This Moog series is great.

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    1. I am the proud owner of one piece of Moog gear. They just discontinued it as well, I have an MF104M delay Moogerfooger, I use it on a lot of my experimental work. Love that thing. I had a bit of money a while ago, short lived, but I invested in that! I’d love to expand into some other components and keys of some sort. Amazing analog technology.

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      1. It’s a real time machine job, at the start of the 80’s you could pick up so many great old synths for pennies. Ah well.

        MoogerFogger would be a great LP name!


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