A Psychedelic Reprise Of The Days Of The 13th Floor Elevators (40 min doc.)

Thirteenth Floor ElevI had never seen this one until recently. I was informed that this was a documentary that Jack Ortman did with some college students some time ago. It appears that the rare 70’s footage I posted awhile back may have been culled from this doc, maybe not. Nonetheless it is a perspective I haven’t seen represented yet as the focus is more on Tommy Hall and Stacey Sutherland and the origins of the jug sound as well as the groups early interest in things of a religious nature. Apparently they used to visit a particular teacher who had shelves of books on the subject.

Elevators sound man Sandy Lockett is heavily featured as well as drummer John Ike Walton and Stacey Sutherland’s mother Sybil.

This is a decent doc for any rabid fan, though it may be a bit boring to people who just wanna trip out.

Fans of Texas Psych should join the Texas Psychedelic Rock site as well to keep in the know about Texas Psych as it is today, these guys are still around and some stuff is happening, in fact there are reports of new Golden Dawn being recorded right now! You can follow the Texas Psychedelic Rock Facebook group as well

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