Alphastare/Wings of an Angel – Just Psychopathics

Vivid and thoughtful description of this collaboration!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Alphastare/Wings of an Angel
title: Just Psychopathics
keywords: experimental, abstract, ambient, experimental, electronic, noise, outsider music ,psychedelic ,sound collage ,soundscape ,synths ,San Francisco

Insecure contrabass comes over from the warm shadows to shyly check what is going on. The sound is soft, as if the music slides on soft furry slippers out of the speakers, not sure enough if it would like to be heard or not. (It must be the insecurity) But as listeners can spot the insecure contrabass innocently gazing around the room that you attempt to play it in, the sound of being pure (and insecure!) is captured in its full glory; A mystic smog that fills the ears with a delightful fog made out of sound. There is nothing to be insecure about, insecure contrabass, you are quite the handsome untouchable and almost invisible individual that we can hear with our very own ears, and…

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