Synths for Lunch #2 (Ebotronics and Birtwistle/Zinovieff via The Wire)



(via The Wire)

Listen: Harrison Birtwistle and Peter Zinovieff recording


“Peter Zinovieff is a composer and early electronic music instrument designer, who started out as a mathematician but soon became involved with designing synthesizers. It was Delia Derbyshire who introduced him to the idea of making music through tape splicing, before she went on to work at the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. Left to his own devices, Zinovieff converted his garden shed in Putney, London, into an electronic music studio. In the years to come, it would be visited by musicians and composers including David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Kraftwerk, King Crimson, Stockhausen and many others.”


 My new favorite Youtube Channel:


I love these! I love that they are shot from an angle that puts you right in the middle of all these cozy lights and sounds! I’ve just been running these playlists on the big screen.


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