Throbbing Gristle (Best of…vol1)

Following is most of Throbbing Gristle’s cassette release ‘Best Of…’ Cassette # IRC 0′ which is a bit of a confusing item to describe for those who aren’t familiar with them. I have included some of the description from the youtube post below.

But first…

Elkin Fil Believers/Here Before 7
Elkin Fil

Good things come in small packages, so as a palate cleanser before you delve into what is a pretty primitive representation of what TG grew into, I have here for you a 7″ inch Ambient release that is quite enjoyable from Elkin Fil out of Turkey, enjoy this appetizer:


TG cassette 0

(description quoted from the video below)


“If you’re trying to find the recorded “ground zero” of Throbbing Gristle, you’re in for some confusion. While Second Annual Report is the first vinyl product to bare the group’s name, there are a few other artifacts kicking around which, more practically, can lay claim to the title of “first”. Among these is a cassette called, Best of… Volume 2, which had a limited cassette circulation prior to the release of Second Annual Report and was later reissued in a more widely available cassette by Industrial Records. This release has later been packaged as a CD/LP issued under a variety of names including “Very Friendly” and “The First Annual Report”. This item is often identified as the “first” TG release.

However, there is another, often mythologized item known as “Best of… Volume 1” which is presented here. This was also released on cassette by Industrial Records, but has frequently been assumed to be non-existent by some. The recordings themselves testify to the fact that it is a very real artifact and that it contains what could arguably be identified as THEE first official TG recordings. Early versions of Very Friendly and We Hate You can be found here along with a variety of what sound to be impromptu jam sessions.

Listening to these recordings, one can hear the essence of the TG sound in a very rudimentary and tentative form. One can hear how those first sonic steps creek into existence. Even at this early stage, there was a distinct aesthetic which would be carried forward throughout the group’s career. But it is fascinating to hear it only starting to take shape and take aim.

The original cassette runs nearly 90 minutes (despite the cover stating “C-60″). I initially remastered this recording from the IR cassette version to be transferred to an audio CD. As such, it was necessary to make some small edits in order to get the run time to within the maximum allowed by the CD format. I endeavoured to only remove the least significant sections as I deemed them.”

(Description excerpt from Ugo Fist via Youtube)


Here’s a recent article regarding the recent auction of one of these cassette boxes, for some background on the origin of this rarity. This was published in Dangerous Minds back in January.


4 thoughts on “Throbbing Gristle (Best of…vol1)”

      1. Cleared many a party with these guys, it was especially fun to annoy the ravers who had no clue that they were pretty much listening to the Godfathers of their scene and had no clue how to react cause they couldn’t dance to it! Ha!

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