Some Thing’s Weird #2

Some Thing's Weird Prof. A series within the blog where I post some of the stranger videos and stuff that comes across my desk. The series title is bit of an homage, for those in the know…

This is the most recent episode of ‘The Greg Sterlace Show’. Greg Sterlace, or ‘Mister Skimask’ has been doing this sort of thing, experimental video etc. for as long as I can remember. He is a Rust Belt underground legend who prefers to stay underground (pretty sure he still lives in his moms basement in Riverside near Buffalo, NY) rejecting anything mainstream at all. Some of my old bands were on his show back in the 90’s and those may still be online, maybe I’ll search track them down for a later post.

He reviews records and odd products an says offensive thing’s and has no qualms about voicing his opinions about religion and main stream society etc. and his set-up is pretty much like a 90’s flea market on whip-its. He has been on public access television since back in the day as well and I believe still is, in the Western NY Area anyway.

Enjoy this anomaly, there are many more of them if you like, this is episode 1043!


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