Rare 13th Floor Elevators 1973 comeback footage/Plus: Raw Audio board mixes

For the fans

Not much other than a few short home clips looped over a 1973 version of the guys doing ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’

I have been since informed that George Kinney of  The Golden Dawn shot this footage! (check out their generally little known 1968 Texas psych underground classic ‘Power Plant’ and hear the Roky influence!)

Now that the 13th Floor Elevators’  2015 comeback has successfully happened, the long, twisting, twisted history of this band continues! Hopefully we’ll get to see them here in San Francisco where they basically came and changed the face of psychedelic culture and most directly the music that has become such a defining element of the Bay Area since the mid 60’s.

Them returning to SF would be a real comeback as it was the SFPD that ran our guys in and out of jail for minor weed possession charges etc. ultimately ending up in the bands demise as they had to return to Texas and Roky had to go loony to avoid the big house etc. etc. you all know the story by now.

Now people smoke weed in the streets…

Come on back boys…it’s safe now!

13th One

‘From the 13th Floor Elevators 1973 comeback. This wasn’t just a reunion, as they played events/venues all over Texas. I wish this had audio, but they’re silent home movies, so I added You’re Gonna Miss Me from another source from the ’73 comeback. Clearly visible are Roky, Stacy, and John Ike.’ (youtube description)

Here’s another recent upload. 12 or so minutes of un-effected Elevator tracks that sound to me like the versions on an unofficial release I have called ‘Demo’s Everywhere’:

13th FLR ELVTRS Demos


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