3 thoughts on “Alphastare ‘If Man Is Five…’”

    1. I love F.S.O.L. and Amorphous Androgynous so that’s a good thing. I would think my interests/influences are just as divers. That ant circled a small dish with a lemon slice in it for an hour, I filmed him a bunch with a macro lens and at one point I left to do something, returning to find him sucking on that lemon, left again and returned 20 minutes later to find him dead! Death by citrus! You are witnessing the final moments of that ants life!

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      1. So, that’s sort of an ant snuff movie then? You really need to dedicate any release of it to his memory, to avoid bad karma / merciless extermination when the ants take over the world.

        FSOL’s Environments series are just amazing, I’m only just discovering them.

        Plus Death By Citrus is an awesome name for a hardcore band.

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