Andalusia Rose at GAMH Mike RosatiReally quick off the top, I wanted mention another vinyl release for Andalusia Rose via a label out of Portugal called Raging Planet  we have already started recording in our own studio and will have a song ready for a split 7″ inch with another band from over there in Portugal. so look forward to that!

Sorrow Knows (A tribute to Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club)



In the link above is a review from a couple of days ago that covers the Gun Club’s 3rd album released in 1984. The timing of this is excellent as this is almost the end of the 20th anniversary of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s death March 31st (April Fools Eve) 1996.

JLP Gun Club poster
2006 tribute show poster

Continuing the thread that I started in Part 1 of this update regarding working with Eric Moffat and coming in just a couple of days before the end of the anniversary of JLP’s death, I am more than excited to announce ‘Sorrow Knows a tribute to Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club’ 

This event will take place at The Make Out Room in San Francisco on March 29th 2015. I will be involved (on bass) in 2 of the main line-ups as well as Eric Moffat on Guitar.

JC, Jeff and Eric
JC, Jeff and Eric

One of the line-ups will consist of Doug Hilsinger who did an interesting Eno cover album of note and was involved in the 2006 tribute show “Give Up the Sun” , Jozef Becker (Loud Family/ Thin White Rope) on Drums and also, we have on board, Peter Case and original Gun Club member Kid Congo Powers, so it’s sure to be an exciting evening!

Eric and Doug chop it up.
Eric and Doug chop it up.

So far these songs will be played and it was a blast learning them!

(Fire of Love LP)

sex beat

Preachin’ the Blues

Promise Me

She’s Like Heroin to Me

For the Love of Ivy

Fire Spirit

Ghost on the Highway

Black Train

(Miami LP)

Brother and Sister

Run Through the Jungle

Bad Indian

Sleeping in Blood City

Goodbye Johnny

(Las Vegas Story)

Walkin’ With the Beast

Eternally is Here

Bad America

Moonlight Motel

Give up the Sun

(Wildweed JLP solo)

Love and Desperation

Hey Juana


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