March Music Update Part 1

Photo of The Nile Project by Monica Berini 2015. All rights reserved.The only show I have attended recently was The Nile Project at Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley featuring musicians from all along the various regions along the Nile River. You can read an in depth review here. It was a very creative blending of styles representing multiple and divers cultures that have existed along the River Nile and it was a very special opportunity to hear a musical conversation between all of these regional styles.

The Nile Project; Aswan Video:

There is actually a thread that connects this event to my next couple of bits of news.

The Nile Project has amongst it’s members an artist by the name of Meklit Hadero who is a Bay Area based jazz  vocalist who pulls a bit from her East African influences and the connection is that A couple of her albums were produced by Eric Moffat who recorded our EP ‘First Stone’. He produced her 2010 album ‘On a Day Like This’ as well as an album of covers featuring Meklit and Quinn Deveaux who I have actually played with a couple of times many years ago.

sound samples:




Wendy Rising

These past couple of weeks I have been starting the Andalusia Rose First Stone’ EP campaign, as we finally got the process under way to get the vinyl pressed at Pirates Press and we should have this out by mid May! I have been reaching out on the social networks and trying to make connections, so if you have any interest in pure swampy rock and roll fronted by a very talented guitarist and writer of heartfelt songs you can pre-order vinyl or a cd at the above link via bandcamp. Also connect with us via any or all links below:




We have a channel on youtube that has been recently created but right now most of our videos are on my youtube channel, so do go and check out both and subscribe for the most recent uploads.

Andalusia Rose Youtube Channel

Andalusia Rose playlist via Alphastare’s Youtube channel

Our next show is at DNA (Main Stage)  March 12th with Anthrax’s Scott Ian’s new band Motor Sister and our buds Devil In California

DNA flyer for March 12 2015

Here’s a sick video from Motor Sister:

There is more exciting news on the horizon. Another Andalusia Rose split release via Raging Planet (Portugal) and another epic live project involving Eric Moffat and a tribute show for Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club.

Stay Tuned for Part 2!!!

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