Andalusia Rose Vinyl EP update

Pirates Press (Jeff and Wendy)Wendy and I went to Pirates Press today to deliver the audio files for our upcoming EP ‘First Stone’ from our band Andalusia Rose. We started this recording project early last year and expected to have it out by now, but with the recording itself taking longer than expected, the recording and mixing sessions being spread out over a few months, and the artwork being caught up with one artist who had too much on their plate, we finally handed it off to another guy who has gotten us where we need to be

Andalusia Rose 'First Stone mixed media collage by Wendy Gadzuk
Andalusia Rose ‘First Stone mixed media collage by Wendy Gadzuk layout by Seawolf Dee


Boxed Sets

Being a self proclaimed vinyl junkie and record collector since the age of 6, It has been a lifelong dream for me to release a piece of vinyl. It was a fun and informative experience to go and visit Pirates Press, though they don’t have any actual presses there, it was cool to see the operation and the massive amounts of samples of packages and pressings they have done.


Pirates Press

Splatter Records

Vintage Horn and Edison Cylinder
Vintage Horn and Edison Cylinder

They had some turntables set up and a cozy listening area, I’m sure many good times are to be had here.
Pirates Press

Pirates Press039

Here’s some vinyl ‘pucks’. Vinyl in it’s raw state.Pirates press Vinyl 'pucks'

Pirates Press

Luckily right now they are doing about a 2 week turnaround for tests so there should be an update when we get our test pressings in hand! Can’t wait to drop the needle!


DNA flyer for March 12 2015

 Our next show is at DNA (main stage) March 12th with Devil In California and Motor Sister featuring Scott Ian from Anthrax and members of Mother Superior, The Cult.

Here’s a quick slide show from our last gig with Scott Biram

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