First show for 2015 with Classic LA Punk Band The Flesh Eaters

Here’s an updated post with footage from the show and more photos. This was a historic performance by LA legends The Flesh Eaters at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and we were honored to be a part of it!


(recommended listening while you read this: HERE!)10410591_629062167199946_5926891480950860210_nI recently came across a post featuring a classic LA Punk comp with The Germs, X, The Weirdos and the usual and yet again I was reminded of how criminally overlooked The Flesh Eaters are in any mention of LA Punk and it’s early contributors. Especially as the early members include half of X and members of the Blasters.

I’m totally biased because I played in a version of this band in the 90’s, we did a bunch of shows and recorded an album that was released in 1999 called ‘Ashes of Time’.


FLESH EATERS PROMO CIRCA 20001914093_103080199703155_355460_n

I won’t go into the history of the band so much, I’ll include a few links at the bottom that cover that stuff so you can read up and hopefully discover an artist that has been around for some time but is often overlooked.

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