various artists – The Big California Noise Compilation

I contributed a track to this really big compilation of 143 California underground sound artists. This brave soul reviewed them all! My track appears in the #32 spot (Alphastare).

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: various artists
title: The Big California Noise Compilation
keywords: alternative, west coast, compilation, experimental, misc. , noise, power electronics, sound art, Sacramento
label: Thee Instagon Foundation

When Lob, the curator of this compilation mailed with the request of hearing this collection of tracks representing a large (might it be complete?) representation of the noise scene in the American state of California, I thought ‘Yes!’ that would be an excellent opportunity to hear and discover a whole load of music in one go. The title of ‘The Big California Noise Compilation’ was not an over-reaction, as it is indeed big.. 143 tracks thick!
Of course only a mental person would be stupid enough to go for a track by track review,
but I thought to proof them wrong and do indeed that. So if you had wondered why the lack of other reviews… you can blame Lob and the…

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