Mark Fry ∆ “The Witch” (1972)

Perfect soundtrack for a November day! Coincidentally I also stumbled across this recent interview with Mark where he talks about his process in both music and painting and I can relate to the process as I and a few friends of mine work in both mediums.

Mark Fry Painting

Mark Fry Art 'Diving'Here’s a song of his from  a recent album released just this September.

Mark Fry ‘Aeroplanes’

Thanks to Dog Gone Blog and Music Won’t Save You for reminding me about this guy.

Dog Gone Blog

mark fry dreaming with alice
Mark Fry’s 1972 psych-folk masterpiece Dreaming With Alice has been getting a lot of play around these parts of late. Recorded in Rome over a three-day period in the summer of ’71, but never properly released unto the world, the physical LP is extremely rare with copies fetching for much as $4K. Throughout the album, songs weave in and out of short, reappearing dream state segments that venture through the visions of Fry’s highly psychedelic dream with Alice—a reference to the Louis Carroll’s Alice Through The Looking Glass. Here we share with you the dark, Eastern-tinged acid-folk number, “The Witch.” Do enjoy, friends.

Mark Fry ∆ “The Witch”

(stream the full album here)

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