New improvised 4 track piece for the rain and Samhain and some new Bandcamp additions!


Here is 28 minute improvised piece. I combined old and new hitting 4 tracks (A Tascam Porta 424 mkII) with A Moog Filtatron through another 4 track player (Korg CR4 with effects) fed from the headphone out and into the first track of my main 4 track mixer. Track 2 : Alchemy synth on ipad. Track 3: Moog Animoog app on ipod touch. Track 4: Monotribe fed through Moogerfooger MF104 Delay, Live recorded then live mixed to Studio One where I lightly eq’d it. This mix also contains a sample from Infinite Plastic Internal with Jim Ryan on Kalimba/Chants and Mark Pino on drums/percussion and chants.

It’s been awhile since it rained in San Francisco and that always puts me in the mood to dive into sound. Enjoy!

I also spiced up my Bandcamp page with a couple of oddities from my past. One from not so long ago when I first moved to SF, an improvised jam with my old bandmate Javier Matos, furious broken blues with an almost spoken word art element, very out there, very outsider. The other recording is from way back in 1996 when I was doing improvised jams with a more guitar based approach. This was a rare rehearsal, rare because we never rehearsed! We played live way more times than we ever rehearsed, so this was a surprise to find in an old box of tapes I was going through just yesterday. In fact I didn’t know I had that other tape either. Furthermore, the second song was buried on tracks 3 and 4 on a 4 track cassette about halfway through the tape! I noticed the levels jumping when I was mixing down the first song.

Alphastare presents: Outsider Psycho Blues (feat J. Matos​/​J. Vengeance)



Next up is an excerpt from a rehearsal tape from a basement in Buffalo around 1996, the band was called Smackicide and had a constantly revolving line up that consisted consistently of myself and drummer/mad artist Chris ‘Corndog’ McGee. There was at least one show, maybe a few that I did not perform at, the memory is hazy which is why I was shocked to find a rehearsal tape by a band that never rehearsed to my memory. This bit of music inspired me to update it with some synths and an off the cuff vocal sang through a Monotron Delay.

Alphastare Presents: Smackicide “Gone Gone Gone” (Bring it home)

Smackicide Dec 3rd


photo (11)


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