Love Letter to a Sister City

Off Monroe Ave memorycity

The digital age claims yet another small city, one that was built on traditional photography and the use of film as a medium. I can only hope that Rochester NY. can stay vital in some way without Kodak.

Growing up in Buffalo during the post industrial decline (late 80’s-early 90’s) and having Rochester as a sister city was nice as it was still pretty happening as far as shows and culture etc. We used to drive the 90 min or so to check out the handful of great record stores along Monroe Ave. when we only had 1 or 2. We were always blown away by the strength and vibrancy of the local music and art scene and we always met interesting people and would often end up catching a local band we never heard of and spending the night with hospitable folk who were just as interested in us as we were of them and what they were doing. I even briefly dated a gal who’s dad had won a Nobel prize for his work in the discovery of the ‘Quark’. This same person also turned me on to the existentialist writer Sartre and other fundamental writers and thinkers such as Camus and Hesse etc. when I was still 16 or so. Just some of the fond memories of a city that contributed to who I am and what interests me today.
RIP Kodak and Long live Ra-cha-cha!!!


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