A great day to create some sounds.

Full Moon SF 6/12/14

The Moon from Oakland 6/12/14

So it’s Friday the 13th and the moon is full and that’s kinda like a holiday. My favorite thing to do on holidays is to make music. In addition to playing in a proper band that rehearses regularly and plays out at least twice a month.I have been making experimental music under the nomme de noise “Alphastare” I usually work alone but when the stars and things align I am sometimes able to collaborate with some wonderful people. Today I will be going into the studio with drummer/percussionist/artist/sound artist Jon Weiss. This will be the first time we’ve gone in to record in at least a year. we’ve done a few sessions so far and they have turned out really well, there is plenty of raw material to further manipulate and combine with other sounds.

I generally work in a hands off manner, where I let the sounds dictate the direction of the piece, with minimal manipulation. I’ll also add other outside sounds to render the original sound in a completely different hue. Working with another person and their perspective is exciting for me as they perceive the sounds from a different place and can take it somewhere I wouldn’t have thought of. It’s especially exciting to work with someone who operates on a pro level, it really makes me a better performer and I always learn something new in the process.

There are other exciting things in the works for both Alphastare and my band Andalusia Rose including vinyl releases and summer shows. Stay tuned, it’s time to go make some noise.


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